All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Refrigeration Industry -
Branch of V.M. Gorbatov Research Center for Food Systems
Russian Academy of Science




Our Institute was founded in 1930. Since 1991 is a member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, it is a leading interbranch research institution engaged in scientific support of cold treatment and storage of agricultural produce and foodstuffs sectors of agriculture, commerce and transport.


Research guidelines:

Fundamental and priority research on the scientific support of cold treatment and storage of raw materials and food products in the agricultural sector;

The technologies for cold treatment of meat and meat products;

The technologies and technical documentation for the production of frozen foods and semi foods;

The technologies, regulatory and technical documentation on the production of ice cream, frozen desserts and whipped frozen icing ;

The norms of natural loss in meat and meat products;

The technologies for storage of berries and pome cultures at the freezing point depression temperatures;

The expertise of industrial safety of the design of ammonia refrigeration plants;

Examination of industrial safety of design and operational documentation refrigeration systems;

Design and production of insulated sliding doors of five modifications for cooling chambers;

Design and production of transport refrigeration using unit cold battery and consumables refrigerants;

Technology of modern insulating materials;

Scientific technical seminars and refresher training professional courses;

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